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THAT church - you know the one -  the one that lets anyone in, that talks about those hard topics that it is just easier to avoid and understand that sometimes people need to deconstruct their faith and rebuild it.  We are that church that seeks to understand mental illness, life mistakes and people that are different for all number of reasons.  

We are that church that knows that we don't and won't all agree on what we think about God and the best ways to live.  And we won't hold you accountable for what any of us believe - though we are likely to ask you to be true to what you believe.  We are that church that enjoys stretching and learning and leaning into being good neighbors, good stewards and authentic followers of Jesus.

More times than we can count we have heard people say, "Oh... you're from THAT church." And we smile and say, "Yes, yes we are."

our pastor:
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Glenda Survance
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Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

For more information on Disciples click here.

For a brief video about the Disciples click here

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