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How you can donate and help OUR Church

Unlike most organizations, the church is as it is because of the people who donate.  Donations large and small go to keep the lights on, the pastor employed (part time), insurance in place and for the classes, music, and programming for all ages.

Gifts large and small are pooled to let us do in new ways things that we have been doing for more than 175 years.  The world is not the same as when we were started in 1848.  We don't understand the Bible in the same way that our ancestors in the faith did. And one thing hasn't changed, it is in the passing of the plate and now the online donations that allow us to set the table and open the doors on Sunday and through the week for scouts and sororities, for birthday parties and funeral dinners.  As it has always been, the church is a place where people can gather in joy and in sorry.

Your donations make it possible.

ways you can donate:



In the front of the sanctuary there is an offering plate. You are welcome to leave an offering in the plate anytime.

You are welcome to mail a check or money order or drop it in the drop box outside of door 4.

525 N Indiana St  

Mooresville • 46158


Our online giving is through a trusted partner, Givelify.  You can choose how your donation is used by selecting one of the envelopes.

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